2020 Comparison For The Best Website Builders


Do you dream about the perfect website for your services? But do you also worry you might not have sufficient skills to make one?

The first best this blog will tell you is you do not need to have the skills or time required to create a standard website. Many website developers will get this job done for you. To know more amazing things we have to share, keep reading!

Once you start searching for the right web developer, the search can be overwhelming because of their abundance. But this also means that there is a variety to choose from. Famous web design companies like Weebly and Squarespace have simplified this complex process for everyone. Now, all that you have to do is find the best suitable designer.

“Don't worry! We have compiled and compared the best website builders of 2020.”.

The following list has been made after a lot of examination. We have checked each one's categories, SEO features, customer support, etc., and how one is better than others. We have come up with a few favorites but not all are the best in every scenario, to be honest. However, we have pointed out the best in each of them.

Stand out point Web builder Starting price* Free trial
Best for writers and bloggers WordPress $5/month 'unlimited' w/ ads
Best no-frills option GoDaddy $10/month 30 days
Easiest to use Weebly $12/month 'unlimited' w/ ads
Best prepackaged design Squarespace $12/month 14 days
Best overall website builder (and best for free) Wix $13/month 'unlimited' w/ ads
Most customizable Duda $14/month 30 days
Best for basic e-commerce Shopify $29/month 14 days
Best for bigger stores BigCommerce $29/month 15 days


WordPress The Website Builder

WordPress is a cheap and easy to use website builder. It seems as if it is indirectly focused on easing tasks for bloggers and writers. You can start at as cheap as $5 to remove ads.

Moreover, if you feel like you do not want to pay much attention to your website for maintenance, WordPress is the best option. The only catch is that there are limited options for customization.


Squarespace The Website Builder

Square space is an award-winning website builder. It is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

It becomes easier to handle as soon as you understand its mechanism and tools. But if you are having some trouble, you are in luck because they have super responsive customer support.

You will be able to use a variety of templates and tools which would make your website especially easier and better for mobile access.

Also, it is reasonable considering it offers a $12 plan along with 'unlimited storage' and a domain. It has more economical packages available.


Wix The Website Builder

Wix is hands down the best to do it yourself a web developer. Not only you can try it for free, but it also offers the most customization out of all.

You will have a great range of templates to choose from as well as animations. This can be a minus for those users ho start with a certain template and then later decide they want to customize according to their will. Apart from this, it also has data limitations so you will have to buy a package as soon as your website picks up traffic.

Overall, Wix has very pocket-friendly packages and layman guide to build a website with no or little skills.


Weebly The Website Builder

Weebly can be called your second best option, it has over 50 million websites created. Weebly can provide you with an easy and large site with as much storage as you like.

It has limited add ons & customization but when you are in the process of building your website, it will seem like a blessing because it will save you time from using irrelevant options slowing you down.

Weebly can provide you with a domain name in economical rates as well as help you plan your website.


Duda The Website Builder

The best for choice for multilingual website owners.

Duda has great drag and drops options for website creation. Along with it, there is mobile customization, user personalization, data backup, and restoration.

It may be expensive compared to others but it is worth it as it offers so much more than others.


Shopify The Ecommerce Shop Builder

A great option for e-commerce stores.

It has a great focus on your sales and product details. It also has e-commerce tools that help owners deal better. You can say Shopify is tailored to fit a seller's needs.

Shopify may have rates above the market rates, but it has a plain website design that offers great ease to make an online store.


The Website Builder BigCommerce

Go to 'web builders' for medium to large businesses.

It gives you great flexibility and website designs. Even the lowest BigCommerce plan at $29 gives its clients unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth and storage, unlimited products, and no added transaction fees. You can also connect to other e-stores using other packages available.



Well, We have shared with you the best website builders but whatever Website Builder you choose you always need a team of professional Web designers and Developer or eCommerce Website builder and Designer to Look after at the smallest thing, functionalities, perfect images for your website to satisfy the needs of your Customer. If you think you have selected the one platform suitable for you then contact us for further discussion.