6 Most Popular Types of Logo Design


The main thing at the beginning of any business is LOGO. The logo is actually the main part of any business because it represents the whole business whether it is a product or a company. Logo designing is done by a logo design company or by an individual designer and they can make any logo according to the business or service. Different brands use different Popular types of logo design to represent their company and products effectively.

Do you know how a company reaches its peak of success? Do you know every creative logo design has a story to tell?

Let us begin with the different types of logos designing which is important to know about the right logo, either way, it is necessary to know the right style according to the brand, which logo will be suitable for the brand, and which color themes are important for the specific brand. To know this thing you can make an ideal logo for a brand that brings a brand to the peak.

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark logos have a story of business behind them, and it depends on the business name. It does not use the exact name of a brand. To use some strong design, font color, and elements making the best WordMark logo as like the name of a brand and company. Such as Google and Coca-Cola.

Abstract Logo Design

It is a special type of pictorial logo in which they use the picture to recognize the nature of any brand. The benefits of an abstract mark logo are, people are able to convey what their company does symbolically. Color, theme, and design play an important role in an abstract design. Abstract logo designers deal with all these ways to create a unique logo.

Combination Mark Logo Design

It is a complex type of logo because it is a combination of WordMark, Pictorial mark, and Mascot logo design . In the Combination Mark logo, the picture and text can be laid out side by side and equally to make a perfect combination of a brand. The Combination Mark logo examples are BURGER KING and Doritos.

Emblem Logo

Emblems are a very old form of logo designing. In the emblem, the text is enclosed in the shape of the symbol. Mostly fine line imaginary is used in the emblem. We make Emblems logo designs when we have to show some old traditional images and videos. If our company has to show tradition then emblem is the best fit for it.

Letter Mark Logo Design

Letter mark logo designs are used when the company's name is big then pick some initials and make the logo. For example HBO, NASA, and IBM. OR when you design your own logo and there is a trend that the logo should be a letter mark then design it. If the company is brand new so do not use a letter mark logo no one knows your company.

Symbol and Iconic Logo Design

A non-typographic design is commonly known as a symbol and iconic logo.

A symbol logo design is an abstract representation of the business and brand. It only contains imaginary objects that show the interpretation of what the brand and company convey to the public and buyer. Iconic logo designers always use a technique that makes a logo speakable for the brand because it is a communication medium of a brand with a buyer, and it shows the whole brand type with the help of a single logo. So it is very necessary to make a clear logo for a brand and company.