News Regarding Apple Search Engine: Apple Launch Its Own Search Engine Soon


Apple, an American multinational company that focuses exclusively on consumer electronics, software, and online services, is reportedly launching an Apple search engine soon.

For the time being, Apple’s default search engine is Google. Even on its own browser Safari, the search results are shown via surfing through Google as it’s the default search engine. However, the recent turn of events suggests that Apple would most likely launch its own search engine shortly.

Apple making its own search engine would add on another brilliant innovation in search technology.

But why should Apple launch a new search engine when Google works perfectly fine? How would Apple benefit from its own search engine?

Buckle up for the answers as we’re about to explore everything you need to know about the Apple search engine.

What Is a Search Engine?

A search engine is software that helps users in finding anything on the internet through the words and phrases they enter in the search bar. It uses automated software which, when given a search query, travels through websites to websites and pages to pages on the internet to generate the desired results.

A few examples of renowned search engines are Google , Yahoo! Bing, etc. These search engines are used when the user wants to gather information about something from the internet.

When a user adds a search term or phrase in the search bar of a search engine, it skims through the internet, looks at the website contents, goes from link to link, uses its algorithm, and provides the user with the most relevant results available on the World Wide Web.

Why Should Apple Own a Search Engine?

Google, the most used search engine globally with approximately 3.5 billion searches per day, has been paying a hefty amount to Apple to remain Apple’s primary search engine. However, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit for payments that Google makes to be iPhone’s default browser.

This comes off as a threat to Apple. It intends to launch its own search engine as soon as its contract with Google winds down.

What is Apple Search Engine?

Apple heavily prioritizes the privacy of its customers. It publicly turned down the FBI for secret access to its devices. So, its own search engine would most likely be aligned with its “privacy-first” policy. It makes it easier for its users to avoid search ads or sharing any data. However, this is not the case with Google as it is not equally compatible with Apple in privacy terms.

With Apple's dedication to developing privacy-focused products and its aim to create unique solutions, it's reasonable to assume that the new search engine will provide functionalities that Google and other modern search engines don't.

In iOS 14 and iOs 15 beta, Apple introduced its “Spotlight search” that bypasses the search results provided by Google to a great extent and ensures the privacy of the users at the same time.

Not only did Apple introduce spotlight search, but it also updated its AppleBot guidelines in July 2020 and has been recruiting search engineers.

Shockingly, around three years ago, Apple poached John Giannandrea, a former Google head of search.

As per

Bill Coughran
Ex-Google Engineering Chief

“They [Apple] have a credible team that I think has the experience and the depth if they wanted to, to build a more general search engine”.

With over 1.4 billion iPhone users and a strong revenue generation stream, Apple is most likely the only firm with the technical or human resources to stand as a rival to Google.

It might take some time to be remotely as good as Google. However, this does not overshadow Apple's remarkable capability and intellectual/technical resources to bring this goal to life.

How Would an Apple Search Engine Affect Google?

Apple’s entry into the search world would not end Google’s dominance as a search engine, although it might weaken it considering users’ increased preference for privacy. Google’s weak state might end up resulting in a decrease in monetary values following the end of the contract with one of the biggest giants of all time.

With about 1.4 billion devices worldwide, a shift to Apple's search engine would undoubtedly disintegrate Google's global monopoly on search, putting Google's income from advertising and data sales at risk.

The world is still unsure if the Apple Search Engine will ever replace or work even remotely like Google. In the last 20 years of Google, the only search engine that has made its mark other than Google is Bing.

However, even Bing has not been as successful as Google. Any other search engine, even the ones used before Google, have either lost their places or been left behind, while Google has kept itself up-to-date and proved to be the best search engine so far.

Nonetheless, it would certainly be a different experience to see Apple come into the market with its search engine. Keeping its influential state in mind, it is likely to do so shortly. And it might give fair, head-to-head competition to Google.