Brand Identity Design: How to Create the Best Brand Identity


We will discuss why and how to design a brand. Before that, we will understand what it actually is. Is it not a wonder how a simple tick or bitten apple becomes one of the most recognized pieces of art? One look and people remember the company and what they sell. Even if they cannot remember what they sell, they do know it is a symbol found on the top of something costly, grand, and wanted. This is the image that has been set into the mind of the audience. The image that the audience has of these two companies was not the same in the past, it has slowly been built with time. Building such a strong image is the job of some people.

These people or brand design services in USA follow a brand-building strategy. So what is a brand? According to Margie Clayman’s definition; “Branding is the encapsulation of a company’s mission statement, objectives, and corporate soul as expressed through the corporate voice and aesthetic.”

There are many ways to express them, it starts from something as basic as the Logo and ends on something as complete as the product. The best brand designers focus on each step of designing a brand identity.

Brand identity is tediously worked on to create a distinctive brand image. The brand image is the image of the brand to the audience while the brand identity is the identity that the company is crafting of itself. Brand designing is the fashioning of the brand identity.

Brand identity is tediously worked on to create a distinctive brand image. The brand image is the image of the brand to the audience while the brand identity is the identity that the company is crafting of itself. Brand designing is the fashioning of the brand identity.

Now you will learn brand designing in a few steps;

  • Brand strategy
  • Evaluate present brand identity.
  • Understand your brand
  • Analyze your competition
  • Brand brief
  • Imagery
  • Be distinctive

Read further for proper guidance along with Brand Identity design tips.

a.Brand strategy

The brand strategy is the complete outline of details you need to figure out what you want from your brand. Look out for the company. Chalk out the values and the missions you have. Not that you have it worked out, it will be easier to create an identity that can get you what you want. Having a well sought out brand strategy means you have a well-made scheme for the future. The brand strategy should include the details of the values, the image you want, where your product would stand in the market to the goods you plan to sell.

b.Evaluate your present brand identity .

Where are you standing right now? How well are you doing? Know the advantages and disadvantages you have currently. This will give you a benefit on what you need to do further. If you are not satisfied with certain brand identity elements you have right now, you will have a better focus. .

c.Understand your brand

This is the step that requires the most attention. You need to be clear about what you want to firm your brand. This is important because that is only when you would know what and how you can achieve it. Write out the first thought you would like your target audience to have when they look at it or think of it. Then you need to figure out the industry it belongs to so that you can set out the tone of the brand. Know who your target audience is. When you would be aware of who your target is, you will be able to alter your brand strategy according to the needs of the customers as well. The brand identity is not supposed to serve the needs of the company alone, it is also supposed to please the customers so that they would want to use it. Come up with an appropriate website and content for it.

d.Analyze your competition

Given that you are not the only one offering whatever you are offering, you have to stand out. You have to know and keep an eye on the activities of your competition. You need to have all this information so that you can stand out apart from the crowd. You have to represent your brand in a way that the target audience would want to choose it. And since you know in advance about what is going on in the market you will be better prepared to face the competition and be ahead of it. And you need to be clear about the choices you make for your brand identity elements, because of belonging to the same line of the industry it would be completely normal to make similar choices.

e.Brand brief

Now that you have all the information you need, you can start with writing the brand brief. The brand brief is your map to Treasure Island. It is the guide that includes all the requirements for your brand to become a success. It will inform the stakeholders, designers, and writers of the expectations you hold from then for the brand. This will align the path. All the people who are a part of the plan would have a guideline where they know exactly what they need to submit since the vision, mission, and expectations from the brand are clear.


This is where you prepare yourself for the next step. The next is about bringing all that you have prepared here to live. In this step, you will prepare the want from the visual representation of your brand. Here you will decide the best type of logo , the color scheme for your brand, all these kinds of decisions on paper. Write down the concepts you want to be brought to life and clearly communicate to your designers for the best of results. Also start with the content you would want to post on your website and different platforms of media and marketing.

g.Design your individual elements

This is the step where all your efforts will bear fruit. You will design your logo. The logo should be of the correct type and should be simple so that it is more memorable. The logo should be so specific that it would represent the company most perfectly. Next would be the tagline, the tagline should be catchy and easy to understand so that it is easier to remember. Then you have to select a color scheme that would be constant for all of your marketing and advertising campaigns. Your website is supposed to be responsive and should support mobile phones. The posts you post on social media should include illustrations and be short and catchy. And then the marketing brochures should have supporting images and details.


It can be a long and tedious task to prepare your brand for launch. It is very detailed and extensive since it has all the points about your brand. But it has to be perfect for guaranteed success. You should be professionals so that there is very little chance of any mess and your plan is foolproof.