8 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Pay Per Click Advertising


Doesn’t it feel like whenever you feel like you know enough, another article/blog claims they have more to add? Well, according to my personal experience, even though some pieces may seem like repetition, each one of them has something to teach me. Every time I go through it, I get to learn a new fact or trick. So it is best to keep adding on to your knowledge, as I would suggest. Oh, by the way, in this blog I will claim that I can help you learn more about the Benefits of PPC Advertising.

Basically, Pay Per Click is an advertising tactic. You pay a search engine to display your respective website on the top when something similar is searched up. This means, every time that advertisement is clicked upon, you will have to pay the search engine for the opportunity. You can benefit from them if you avail Pay Per Click Services.

Now we will discuss some of the facts we have been able to gather for you, from different PPC specialists in the USA.

1.Care for instant results?

Ever thought of achieving the goals within a short time after launching the campaign? Well, PPC Advertising in the USA can help you fulfill your fantasy. Launching a PPC campaign means looking at the results way before you would have seen it on an organic approach. You can see the results of a well-sought campaign within hours while an average one can take a month or so, which is way faster than other tactics. But the most important thing to understand here is that if we compare PPC to SEO, SEO takes way longer than it. But SEO is long term while PPC is short term. However, PPC can be a good boost.

2.Mobile phones make over 90% of the clicks.

How many of you use your personal computers to make an instant search? Like, wait for it to start and then put in your passcode and then search? Or you would prefer to make a search on your already active cell phone? .

The convenience mobile phones provide us are the main reason they are the preferred way of connecting and searching. This is the prime and correct time to optimize everything you have to offer, one of the best Pay per click tips. Everything online should be mobile phone optimized so that you don’t miss out on opportunities. PPC has made life easier for many businesses, and 90 % plus of the traffic these businesses get is through mobile phone users.

3.Negative keywords, positive impact.

Okay, so there is another type of keyword available already? Negative keywords are really not negative, they are named so because they decrease the results. A normal keyword could go like this; PPC Company in USA and if you add best to it, it would become Best PPC Company in the USA and then a lot of results will dropdown. This is not done to wash off the result, but it is done to drop off irrelevant details. After all, Pay Per Click Marketing is all about relevance. So when you add a little more detail to the keywords, you will attract the audience who is looking for exactly what you have to offer.


Since the PPC advertising tactic is a paid service, there is a general assumption that it will be heavy on the pocket. But this is not the case at all. The search engines have many different packages available for different kinds of budgets. Therefore you can still avail of these services even though you are a little shy on budget. And to help you out a little more, you can run great campaigns on little budgets, there is a lot of help available online for it.

5.Keep converting them

It is best that you keep track of the clicks you receive and the number of conversions you get through it. It is not a matter of concern if your campaign is large or small, you should keep the progress in check. Another fun fact, if you keep it in check. You would know which of the campaigns was the most successful. And if you launch similar campaigns, it will increase your conversions even more.

6.Click through rate up = cost per click down

Basically the CPC or Cost Per Click means the average rate charged when the advertisement is clicked. While the CTR or Click Through Rate means the efficiency of clicks. There is a high intensity of the relationship between these two. They have an inversely proportional relationship. If the CTR increases, the CPC will drop down automatically. This means in easy terms if the efficiency of the clicks going through the advertisements is good, it will decrease the rate of the clicks.


The best thing about PPC is its flexibility. This is because the campaigns allow the companies to focus on their preferred location and target audience. This is great because it allows them to be available for the people who really want their services. This removes the inconvenience that could occur when the person interested would contact them and find out that it is not available for them or their region?

8.Who gets the most clicks?

Ever wondered who of all the people gets the most clicks? Everyone is rooting for it? So who wins? It is the people in the top 3 positions. The funny thing is that most of the people have no idea whether they are clicking on the organic search result or on the organic search result. They do not know the difference. This is the perfect reason to go for paid advertisements. What bad can it cause to get ahead of the game with the help of a few dollars? The organic results come under the paid results, so it is a sane and smart choice.

Importance of landing page

Here the most effective PPC strategy is to have the Best landing page design. You can count this as a special mention. It is extremely important to keep your customers attracted enough to navigate through your page. The landing page is the page that would appear when the person clicks on the link of your website.


I hope you have discovered some new facts that would help you out. It is best to hire professionals for such tasks as they know the best ways to work through many techniques and tricks. You can always contact the The Web Factory for it.