Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important

In this fast-paced world the urgency of acting quickly is imperative even when it comes to a website, nobody likes to wait and put in a lot of effort to view its content. The attention span of people across the globe is currently 8 seconds and is decreasing more due to the abundance of information presented to them. This means that if the visitors of your website are not able to easily find relevant content on your website within 8 seconds they will immediately bounce off. Therefore, if you own a website then it is highly crucial for you to know responsive web design benefits and how you can make your website more responsive as it can make a huge difference in attracting customers and making your business successful. Before we proceed to the benefits of having a responsive website, you need to first understand what a responsive website means.

What does having a responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design and development mean to tailor a website in a way that it shows all its content effectively on any screen size by using flexible grids and images, layouts, and CSS media queries. In other words, the same HTML is sent to all the devices by the server while the CSS changes according to different display sizes. For example, if a user switches from viewing a website on his/her PC to viewing it on a mobile phone or a tablet the layout of the website automatically gets adjusted to display information in a way that the user no longer requires panning, scrolling or resizing the screen.

Benefits of having a responsive website

There are numerous advantages of having a responsive website in including the following:

Elevated ranking

According to Google’s update on 21 st April, mobile-friendly websites now rank better than the ones that work for desktops only. This has become one of the major causes affecting the ranking of websites. Hence, a responsive website combined with effective SEO-friendly web design in the USA can drastically improve your search engine ranking.

Makes your brand look more contemporary

By taking advantage of responsive web design services you can make your website easily adaptable to any screen size. This makes your website easily accessible from any device including the very new smart watches, gears, Google Glass, etc. in addition, having a responsive website will help you run your website smoothly on future devices as well. As a result, your brand will be perceived as a more modernized and tech-savvy one.

New leads

With better ranking, your brand will gain more exposure through its website which is easily accessible from any device, especially a mobile phone. With the increase in mobile users, your website is mostly going to be viewed on a cell phone. Having a responsive web design will improve the user experience while decreasing the bounce rate and generating new leads in various ways.

Vast online exposure & higher ROI

A mobile-friendly website with interesting content is most likely to be shared on social media, attracting more traffic to it. This results in the boosted online visibility of your brand leading to a greater ROI rate. Even if you want successful results from your social media marketing strategies, making your website more responsive is the foremost step you should work on.


Providing the same data with adjusted layouts makes your website more consistent, which makes your brand look more professional and reliable, making it easier for visitors to opt for your products or services.

Improved customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the key for the growth of any business. Not only will a responsive web design help you attract new customers, but it will also keep them stay connected with you for a longer period by providing them a very user-friendly experience. With a responsive web design, you would be able to display the required information to grab the most customer attraction, saving their time and effort searching for what they are looking for. This would give your customers a very pleasing experience and make them navigate more on your website, improving their chances of buying your products or services and returning again in the future.

Lead in competition

You can utilize your responsive website to give a fantastic user experience to your visitors, showcasing the worth and credibility of your brand in an updated way. Greater online exposure, boosted search engine rankings can elevate your SEO, marketing, and branding strategies to the next level, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Elevates brand credibility

Responsive web design plays a vital role in reflecting the worth of your business and the products and services associated with it. An easy-to-navigate and quick-to-load website says a lot about how credible and updated your brand is. Your website is the first thing that introduces your brand to your potential customers. If your users are impressed with your website, they are sure going to become your customers and help you generate more revenue.

Cost effective and easy maintenance

Having more than one website version for different devices can cause a lot of confusion for your visitors and can negatively impact the credibility of your brand. One of the most amazing things about having a responsive web design is that you only need to make changes once. This will save a lot of your time, effort, and development cost.

Lower bounce rate

A not-so-responsive website will let your seo optimization and marketing strategies go down the drain. Though you can update both the desktop and mobile versions of your website no matter how much you try there remain high chances of developing two different versions. As a result, when a user switches from your desktop to a mobile website he/she can get confused and might bounce off due to the unavailability of the desired content, service, or product in his/her sight. Hence, it is vital to provide your visitors with a very responsive website for a fast and smooth navigation experience to make them stay longer on your website.

How can you make your website more responsive?

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