News Regarding Apple Search Engine: Apple Launch Its Own Search Engine Soon


Apple was launched publicly in April 1976. It started off as Apple Computer Inc. and ironically their most sold product is a cell phone, iPhone.

IPhone, now a status symbol, is a big name that has been giving a lot of competition to other phone companies. It is so famous that many applications are made to fit its own individualized software, the iOS.

Apple is favored against others because of its privacy policies. Now the products will have Apple own search engine.

Apple & Google Journey

Over the past several years, Google has been paying Apple billions of dollars to remain as an option as its search engine. Other rivals are Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Google, because of its popularity and wide range of results always wins over. According to statistics, Google is used by 95 % Apple Users.

Why Own a Search Engine

There are very strong vibes and rumors circulating that Apple will launch its own Search Engine as soon its contract with Google is coming to an end. This is seriously considered because Apple is allegedly privacy-conscious and Google is still facing a 5 billion dollars law suit regarding its privacy policy. Also in iOS 14, Spotlight Search de-emphasizes or entirely bypasses Google results.

Considering Apple is the most valuable company in the world right now, it does not need Google’s money. But keeping in mind how it failed to launch ‘map’s as successful as Google, it might take up another rival as its main search engine affiliate.

Effect on Google

Apple is the most sought after technological products, people are ready to pay exclusive amounts to buy more facilities regarding it. If Apple actually removes it, Google will face a lot of downfall. This is because it will lose around 50 % of its browsers and suffer a big loss of its popularity.

Final Words

Apple might or might not serve the world with its own search engine; we will learn this with time. But it is sure it will very different from the existing ones. Also it will face a lot of backlash if it isn’t as good as or better than Google.