Top Logo Design Trends For 2021


We are going through different times, changes which occurred within decades are occurring within a couple of years with technology, we are connected with these changes globally and personally. The most affected are businesses because what they sell is global as well as personal.

All businesses are mostly judged and remembered on the basis of their logos. Logos are an important aspect of the business brand as it helps make the company distinguished and more memorable than the competition. Therefore it is vital that the brands should keep pace with the changes in logo trends.

The creative logo design trends keep changing with time. This usually occurs along with a transformation in Graphic design trends .

Here we will discuss some of the top trends which will hit it in 2021.

  • Geometric shapes in logo design
  • Gradients in logo design
  • Minimalist logo design
  • Negative Space logo trends
  • The overlapping Elements logo trend
Geometric shapes in logo design:

Geometric shapes are now a thing in logos as they are able to communicate different messages through different shapes. The shapes can be used in accordance with the message and emotions the brand wants to offer to the audience. The shape selected for the logo is chosen best fitted to the industry that business belongs to. Since each shape represents its own separate message. Let’s read on to find out which one would suit your branding the best.

The most common geometric shape types are; circles, squares/rectangles, triangles.

The meanings mentioned here have been perceived by majority experts.

Circles; they are seen as symbols of welcome, acceptance, unity or wedlock – the shape of wedding rings/bands.

Squares/ Rectangles; these two shapes represent a sense of security and stability. Since they are shapes similar to how homes are made, it brings in an impression of safety and fulfillment for the viewers.

Triangles; serve very multidimensional purposes for logos as they can be used in several ways because of their angles. They can be used to produce an image of a company that has either stability, power, strength or energy to offer.

Many brands use geometric shapes to communicate their message in the simplest way, isn’t it the main thing about logos?

Gradients in logo design:

Gradients end the trouble of just selecting a few or too less-colors for your logo. These brushstrokes allow logo designers to create colorful yet elegant logos. It is like a rainbow, starts with a color, and ends on a completely different one, but it looks so pretty because it has great contrast.

When designing any popular type of logo , it’s important to think about what kind of vibe you’re trying to put out into the world – and gradient design is a vibe on its own.

It will set your logo apart from competitors.

Minimalism in logos:

If I put it in simpler terms, the concept of minimalism is loved because of its simplicity.

The less the better. That is how people now prefer communication. The message should be as precise as possible but express as much as possible. Such logos should be witty as well as relatable to make the best out of simplicity.

A cluttered design fails to convey the right message. Not only does it make you lose focus, but is quite displeasing to the eyes.

Everything is interconnected, if the primary message gets lost, then the customer’s trust in your product or service shakes up too.

Negative Space logo trends:

This is a very smart and clever trend. It encourages the audience to remember details about its logos. For example FedEx and LG, both have used negative spacing beautifully. FedEx has an arrow between letters which demonstrates fast delivery while LG has an ace in its logo as well as its initials.

It’s a great way to capture a customer’s attention, and make them think twice.

The overlapping Elements logo trend:

This trend has been trying to catch on for a while. PayPal has brought it to the limelight. Many companies are now looking forward to using it to comprise as much as color and information by overlapping but including details about the brand. This makes the audience something to wonder about.


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