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Even the topmost website design secrets go unnoticed and fall short if you cannot implement them correctly. A developer should thoroughly comprehend web design options and know which one is best suited for a specific vertical.

A unique website design should be focused on several strategies and values to be effective. Adopting a user-friendly design will truly make your website excel as it will increase user experience and functionality and will complement your content.

Avoid design flaws, complex and confusing layouts, navigation problems, and overlooking conversion opportunities as it can result in amazing content, service pages, and designs going unnoticed.

Follow the tips discussed in this blog to improve your website design.

11 Best Website Design Secrets To Build an Attractive Web Design

Being a web designer or a web design agency means a lot to consider because the industry is globally competitive, and everyone wants to be successful. Just having the abilities, imagination, and artistic flare does not suffice.

Keep these 11 tips in mind and incorporate them into your daily routine and habits that will eventually become your go-to practices for web design.

Incorporate Branding Into Your Website Design

A good first impression can be made by weaving branding into your web design by implementing the following tips:

  • Adding a brand value will not only help your company stand out from its competitors but will also inform visitors when they are visiting your website.
  • News value greatly impacts people as it shows that your website is frequently updated with intriguing content and will automatically attract new visitors to your site.
  • Have strong community values for your audience as it reflects the website’s potential to meet the targeted audience’s needs.
  • It is necessary to have ongoing competitive values as these additional features allow you to stay ahead in the game and supersede your competition.
  • Good design aspects and values portray that a company’s objectives have been well-translated into an aesthetically pleasing visual experience.
  • Content should be tweaked according to Web display to add value to the writing.
  • Utility value should be added to your site so that people can receive maximum benefit and buy products off your site with minimum website response time.
  • Organize all elements on your page to give them a structure. Doing this adds organizational value and reliability to your website.

A creative web design principle follows a logical progression and is based on fundamental concepts regarding the human psyche and testing.

Design Your Site Based on UX

Experienced designers are familiar with the concept and purpose of users visiting a site and develop sites that deliver the narrative users come in search of.

The layout and design should not be complicated so that users can find information easily, register or subscribe to offers, or simply make a purchase.

System Testing

The user experience on a web page can be tested via multiple variations. This includes font style, color, size, and CTA (call-to-action). System testing can significantly increase website performance and conversions after each feature has been optimized properly.

Loading Time And Page Speed Prioritization

One of the key elements in web design standards is the ultra-fast loading time for a page. It benefits UX and SEO as website traffic converts better, and the site ranks well.

According to research, browsers on the internet expect websites not to take more than two seconds to load.

Visitors are likely to leave your site if it takes more than three seconds to load, and the chances of returning are zero. A website’s performance directly impacts a company.

For instance, Pinterest decreased its loading time by 40% and saw a 15% increase in sign-ups and search engine traffic.

As of this year, page speed prioritization has become a primary factor to consider for web developers. Google’s update in 2021 has made page speed performance an important factor when considering SEO.

User expectations are high regarding page speed, and 53% leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load as nobody has the patience to wait any longer.

Page speed optimization can be assessed using tools like Lighthouse and Google PageSpeed Insights. Developers can also take a few measures to ensure quick page loading time, such as deferred off-screen image loading and image optimization.

Restricting the different fonts used is also helpful. Avoid developing pages on platforms that heavily rely on plug-ins since that can make a huge difference.

Keep The Website Loading Time Minimal

There are several drawbacks of slow loading time beyond being a nuisance and frustrating for users. A website’s loading time can significantly impact its performance as Google has included the factor speed of a website’s loading time into its ranking algorithm.

Research conducted found that even a half a second delay in loading caused a 20% decrease in ad revenue and website traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to have a well-functioning website and not just an aesthetically appealing one.

Progressive Data Capturing Integration with CRM Tool

One of the most significant features of a marketing website is the lead generation forms filled online by website visitors. Dynamic and progressive lead forms are strategically placed on a website’s landing pages according to a potential customer’s journey.

Forms can be adjusted in various display fields according to what is already known about a user. Their identity details may be requested at first, and then their contact details at the next conversion opportunity.

CRM software like HubSpot stores information about leads by integrating it with websites so that the tools can recognize users when they visit a website again.


The chatbot feature is very popular and will continue to be in the coming years. With increased machine learning and artificial intelligence, these robots are becoming the norm for personal shopping and customer service requests.

Chatbot suggestions to users’ leads to a positive experience for them while cutting down customer support costs for a business.

Keep Track of Updates and Avail Project Hosting Services

You should easily access any old version of your website within minutes when you are conducting various checks to assess website performance.

You can utilize project hosting services like GitHub to manage updates, improvements, and changes to your website, which will assist you with taking corrective measures in case your website design is not up to the mark.

Any change can be tested and tracked with you being able to go back to the previous versions without accumulating extra internal server space.

Integrating Artificial Reality and the VR Experience

The VR experience on websites is quite popular, and this concept will continue to increase in the future.

Sites like Airbnb let you take a virtual tour of a rental before confirming the booking. Furniture websites like IKEA can virtually showcase how a piece of furniture might look in the setting you want.

The VR tool is valuable to potential customers and is considered a powerful tool for websites.

Highly Responsive Mobile Navigation

A good website should be user-friendly and highly responsive and have thumb-friendly navigation on mobile devices.

Thumb-friendly navigation is important as the thumb is left to do all the work while holding our phones with our fingers wrapped around the back of the device.

Placing the menu, contact buttons, and navigation bar in a thumb-friendly place makes your site more user-friendly and drastically improves the UX.

Be Consistent

Along with being consistent with frequent updates, it is necessary to have a unique structure for your website beyond the three minimum layouts; the homepage, informative secondary pages, and landing pages.

The consistency of pages adds to the credibility and confidence of a website. Other details which must be consistent are fonts, colors, and web navigation.

Key Takeaway

Implementing these tips for your website can be counted as an overall thorough change improving the website performance, user experience, and leads.

Once these tips are in place, consider adding a fresh design to your website to revamp it completely. One of the rare website design secrets is to avoid using Flash for your website as the software is not compatible with mobile devices or SEO practices. Instead, opt for the custom web design services provider for the best results.

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