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How often have you opened your Instagram app, scrolled through it, and found numerous sponsored posts from some people who happen to have millions of likes and followers? Way too much, right? It’s everywhere. It’s like a pandemic that is spreading quicker than we think. One day it’s photos, the other day, it’s travel photography, and then there is something new — Reels! We love to watch all of it, don’t we? We happen to follow certain people that we feel add any kind of value to our lives or may just entertain us for the brief time that we watch them. And what do we call them? Influencers! And you can’t deny that they certainly have been influencing all of us, millions of people altogether!

Now, let us paint a different picture for you, shall we? Have you ever had an Instance where you were watching all these glamorous pictures and reels, and you found out that these influencers happen to have fancy cars? They wear branded clothes, and everything around them is just… fancy! If you have ever thought that, you aren’t alone. We did too. That is how we know that these Instagram influencers make money through Instagram! How cool is that? We all have been using Instagram ever since the platform has come to our knowledge, but these people happen to have cracked a different way of using the platform.

We do realize that you might want to know about these ways, too, don’t you? So, in the episode “we researched about it, so you don’t have to,” we have compiled this Instagram marketing guide for you — we will be discussing ways through which Instagram influencers can make money through Instagram.

How Do Influencers Make Money On Instagram?

Now that we have established that influencers do make money through Instagram and their efforts for the platform do pay off through their digital marketing techniques — there are ways through which an influencer earns through the app.

  1. Collaboration

One word — Collaboration! We cannot stress this enough!

The most effective way through which Instagram influencers make money is collaboration! This collaboration comes with different layers, and in most cases, there are three or two kinds of collaborations that Instagram influencers do in order to get monetary value.

  • Collaboration with a brand

Oftentimes, brands or agencies connect to influencers with a higher number of followers or with vast influence to promote their brands. Since the followers belong to the influencer themselves, they charge with promoting a certain brand or becoming the face of any agency. This collaboration can work both ways — an influencer approaching a brand to promote their product or services or — a brand approaching an influencer to promote their brand. Depending on who approaches first, the payment for the collaboration can be negotiated.

  • Collaboration with another Influencer

When it comes to collaboration, they don’t necessarily have to be just with a brand or agency. How often have you seen two famous Instagram influencers in the same video? Pretty often, right? That’s what influencer collaboration actually is! Numerous times, it is far more convenient for influencers to collaborate with one another, so they don’t have to deal with any brand.

Collaboration happens to be one of the easiest ways for influencers to make money through Instagram. But what they need to ensure is that they are not turning their Instagram feeds into a hub of advertising! As long as the credibility of their review is intact, they’re good to go.

  1. Open A Shop on Instagram — Ecommerce

After collaborations and making their space in the Instagram community, Instagram influencers tend to move forward with their business ideas to utilize their audiences more productively. This approach, although often less practiced but is still a highly effective way to make money through Instagram.

Some influencers opt for creating their own merch and selling them. Some provide different kinds of services through their Instagram channel, and some even start their skincare or makeup lines to sell authentic beauty products online. Hence, their Instagram handles not only become their source of earning but simultaneously act as their ecommerce store.

This, again, is a rather smart way of earning. They are not only exhibiting their talents but also relying on their expertise. This way of earning would also involve having a firm grasp of how to run a business online. Even though social media marketing of an online business seems to be an easy task from the outlook but it isn’t exactly as sweet once you have stepped into it!


We are saying it louder for the people at the back! Just like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram offers monetization as well. Once Instagram influencers have enough engagement on their posts, Instagram opens options for monetization. These options may include; Badges, Bonuses, and Subscriptions.

Instagram offers bonuses on the basis of the number of views and engagement a creator receives on their posts or reels. These number of views unlock different kinds of bonuses ranging from $600 to $35000.

Second, are the badges. Have you ever been to an influencer’s Instagram life? They have certain badges that the viewers can buy through that Instagram live. These badges often cost between $0.99 to $4.99. Some fans like to support the creators they love. Hence, they like buying these badges from these creators.

A third way of monetization on Instagram is subscriptions. Now, here’s a fun thing about subscriptions — they are only available on an invite-only basis. Instagram introduced this feature so that the creators could share some content for just their subscribers. This content is exclusive, and so are the subscription-only group chats. This subscription has a price that the viewer will have to pay in order to see the exclusive content or become a part of exclusive group chats, including the creators. Creators have the option to define the price for their subscriptions, and viewers will have to pay the price. The payout or the amount earned is shown in the professional dashboard, and only the creator has access to it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to social media platforms, you’d be fascinated if you came to know the full potential of these applications. They allow you to not only express yourself but become a part of the trends and keep up with the world, and it opens opportunities for you to earn from them. Instagram influencers are just smart enough to cash it out and use these platforms wisely. Even the agencies that provide digital marketing services often opt for influencer marketing techniques for their businesses. This works wonders for both the agencies and the influencers.

In this era of technology, knowing how to utilize the potential of social media platforms should be a top priority if you also aspire to become an influencer one day. If not, this Instagram marketing guide can work as just another source of knowledge for you to acquire.

Amanda Hayward

Amanda Hayward is a highly skilled Digital Marketing Manager and a key team player. From monitoring advertisements to devising clever marketing strategies, she works tirelessly to ensure client needs are met. Our clients love dealing with her as she guides them about the best suitable marketing strategies while explaining the process to them step by step. Her admirable hands-on experience is reflected in her wise decision-making abilities.

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